jira can be used to validate inputs string in Atlassian Jira with APIs


This option work in self-hosted version only.

Required Environment Variables
Env Description Required Default
JIRA_PASSWORD Password to authenticate with JIRA Yes  
JIRA_USERNAME Username to authenticate with JIRA Yes  
JIRA_HOST Host to authenticate with JIRA yes  
JIRA_PROTOCOL Protocol to establish connection with JIRA no https
JIRA_VERSION JIRA API Version to use no 2
JIRA_STRICT_SSL Force SSL while establishing connection no yes
- do: headRef
      regex: '[A-Z][A-Z0-9]+-\d+'
      regex_flag: none
      message: 'The Jira ticket does not valid'
Supported Params
Param Description Required Default Message
regex Regex enabled message to validate input with Yes  
message Message to show if the validation fails No [INPUT NAME] does not include [REGEX]
regex_flag Regex flag to be used with regex param to validate inputs No i

Supported Validators:

'commit', 'description', 'headRef', 'label', 'milestone', 'title'